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    9V Non PLC

    9V Training Models (For Non PLC Users)

    For those who teach or demonstrate aspects of automation and control, but who do not wish to address PLC programming, fischertechnik also offers a special selection of training models in fully programmed 9V versions, pre-wired to fischertechnik’s proprietary robotic control unit. One or more standard power adaptors (sold separately) will be required as is noted in the product descriptions.

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    Conveyor Belt 9V

    (In stock)

    Model consists of a transport belt with a length of 275 mm. used to transport workpieces with a diameter of up to 29mm. Multiple conveyors can easily be connected to increase the length of transport as desired. Fully assembled training model, wired to one pre-programmed fischertechnik ROBOTICS TXT Controller.

    Punching Machine with Conveyor Belt 9V

    (In stock)

    Conveyor belt with two light barriers, one machining station, and one workpiece. Designed to simulate the movement and punching of workpieces on an automated line. Fully assembled training model, wired to one pre-programmed fischertechnik ROBOTICS TXT Controller.

    3D-Robot 9V

    (In stock)

    3-axis robot with gripping forceps. Robot quickly and precisely positions workpieces in three -dimensional space. Fully assembled training model, wired to one pre-programmed fischertechnik ROBOTICS TXT Controller.

    Indexed Line with 2 Machining Stations 9V

    (In stock)

    U-shaped conveyor line. Features a milling and a drilling station, and four conveyor belt sections. Fully assembled training model, wired to two pre-programmed fischertechnik ROBOTICS TXT Controllers.

    Automated High Bay Warehouse 9v

    (In stock)

    Transfer station with conveyor belt, with shelf stacker for storing and retrieving special workpiece carriers, and 9 storage spots. Fully assembled training model, wired to pre-programmed fischertechnik ROBOTICS TXT Controller.

    Multi Processing Station with Oven 9V

    (In stock)

    Furnace with pneumatic sliding door. Downstream processing station with pneumatic transfer unit including vacuum gripper, cutter with rotary table, and conveyor belt. Pre-assembled training model, wired to 2 fully programmed fischertechnik ROBOTICS TXT Controllers.

    Sorting Line with Color Detection 9V

    (In stock)

    System for detecting workpieces of different colors and sorting them via a conveyor belt into three different storage bins. Fully assembled training model, wired to pre-programmed fischertechnik ROBOTICS TXT Controller.

    Training Factory Industry 4.0 in 9V

    (In stock)

    The fischertechnik Training Factory Industry 4.0 is extremely flexible, modular, reasonably priced, and highly robust training and simulation model.

    Changes in industrial production driven by digitalization make stronger networking and more relevant information necessary on all production levels. With the fischertechnik Training Factory Industry 4.0, these digitalization activities can be simulated, learned, and applied on a small scale before they are implemented on a large scale.

    The fischertechnik Training Factory Industry 4.0 is a 9V simulation model that consists of factory modules including storage and retrieval stations, a Vacuum Gripper robot, High-Bay Warehouse, Multi-Processing Station with Oven, a Sorting Line with Color Detection, an environmental sensor, and a pivoting camera. It is especially designed for exploring and understanding industry 4.0 applications in vocational schools and training as well as for research, teaching and development at universities, in companies, and IT departments.

    Quality Control w/AI - 9V version


    Visualize AI models and make them easily comprehensible

    • Ideal training, simulation and demonstration model for education and research
    • Visualization of AI systems, machine learning and neural networks
    • Networking of theory and practice for a sustainable learning result
    • Already built, stable training model. Mounted on stable wooden plate, packaging of the model in stable cardboard box
    • IMPORTANT: For all operations, a power supply 9V/2,5A is required (sold separately)

    Artificial intelligence in research, education and industry

    The use of artificial intelligence in industry, education and research is becoming more and more important. The Quality Control with AI System model from fischertechnik is ideal for visualising this complex subject in a hands-on way since it creates a sustainable learning experience by linking theory and practice.

    6-Axis Robot 9V

    (In stock)
    The 6-axis robot from fischertechnik enables learners to deal intensively with industrial robotics and to prepare practically for the requirements of the modern professional world. 
    Top features:
    • Coding of a multi-axis robot
    • Can be equipped with both a vacuum suction cup and a gripper
    • Position determination via 6 axes
    • Three of the six axes are controlled with encoder motors, three others with digital servos
    • Programming can be done either via Python or ROBO Pro Coding

    Storage and Transport Case for Agile Production Simulation

    ( 1 In stock)

    The storage and transport case for fischertechnik Agile Production Simulation set.

    9V Non PLC