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    Advanced Animal Friends


    The constuction set for sustainable play.

    • The material of the building blocks consists of at least 60% renewable raw materials
    • Environmentally friendly packaging
    • Animal models from fischertechnik for the first time
    • New colors

    Advanced Build Your Own Game


    Quick and easy to assemble...and hours of fun for the entire family!

    • 8 social and skill games in just one kit
    • Fun for the whole family
    • Extensive building and playing instructions

    Advanced Cable Car


    Span the distance of your favorite playroom with this classic building set.

    • 6 meters of rope
    • Discover zip line techniques
    • Fastening with vacuum pads, among other things

    Advanced Firefighter


    Cool fire engine model with extinguishing function

    • Soda bottle(s) as water tank (not included)
    • 4 water sprays
    • Experience sustainability through play

    Dynamic Plus - High Speed

    (In stock)

    With the expansion set Dynamic High Speed, every fischertechnik marble run can be creatively built and customized to be even faster and more full of twists and turns, with additional high-speed flex-rails, 180° curves and attachment pieces.

    Dynamic Plus - Looping

    (In stock)

    With the expansion set Looping, a loop point can be built, with the guidance of building instructions, and creatively integrated into many fischertechnik marble runs. With the mechanical track crossing, the route can be shifted so that the marbles either shoot through the loop or follow another route. With this set, avid fischertechnik Dynamic fans can expand and enhance their own marble run with a new action element.