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    fischertechnik's line of curriculum-based STEM sets are designed as a "turn-key" option for educators and homeschoolers who need a comprehensive, and standards focused solution for teaching essential aspects of technology. Each of these five sets features detailed currciulum created by noted educator and STEM expert, Tom White.

    The pair of Introduction to STEM sets are designed specifically for engaging and educating students in grades 2 through 5 in the fundamentals of  Simple Machines, Robotics, and Coding. Includes experiments and teaching materials for brief projects that can easily be addressed in a class period or two.

    The fischertechnik STEM PREP 2.0 and STEM Engineering sets are designed to provide educators with an ideal integration of project-based learning and standards-based curriculum for students in middle and high school. Being "project-based", the emphasis is on students conducting extensive research, trial and error experimention, and documenting the entire process. The curriculum materials are designed to address standards for:

    • College and Career Readiness Standards - for Math, Science, Reading and Writing
    • NSES Content Standards
    • Standards for Technological Literacy
    • ISTE Standards
    • Next Generation Science Standards

    Finally, the Robotics Competition Set uses the same project-based, standards focused method of instruction, built around teaching core concepts of robotics and control neccesary to successfully participate in robotics competitions at the local, national, or international level. Like the previous two sets, the material is designed for middle and high school use.

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    Introduction to STEM II (Grade 3-5)

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    fischertechnik Introduction to STEM II is a more in-depth introduction to technology and robotics. This set uses everyday technology and invites students to construct 12 easy-to-understand models. Students are offered a foundation in STEM concepts with a focus on computer science. Based on the easy-to-use ROBO Pro Light software, this set introduces programming activities and incorporates robotics as a catalyst for interactive learning. Through building a model, students will experience hands-on applications of programming and see how it translates to the physical world. Engage students with hands-on activities that will help them develop an interest and aptitude in computer science and other STEM subjects. This education set is recommended for grades 3-5, and includes standards-based curriculum.

    Learn more about topics covered and components included in this set in the product description below.

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