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    About fischertechnik

    fischertechnik Education is dedicated to supporting future generations of STEM professionals. The fischertechnik Education line offers students of all ages the ability to develop a deep understanding of, not only how devices and mechanisms work, but also how they may be improved and/or modified for practical applications. Offerings include sets focused on STEM related topics such as Physics, Electronics, Renewable Energy, Optics and many more. Curriculum centered, project based learning solutions are also available.

    Studica is the authorized North American distributor for fischertechnik Education and fischertechnik Simulation & Training products within the United States and Canada.  We are also an innovative solution supplier of future-focused technologies to the Academic Community and Industry. 

    Who We Are and What We Do

    Studica caters to our valued customers in Education and Industry, serving thousands of schools, teachers, students, and businesses. We love what we do! Being in business for nearly thirty-five years, we have witnessed countless changes in the technology industry, and thrive on introducing new, creative solutions to the classroom and corporate world. We are thrilled to make a difference, with innovations that enhance an individual’s skills, leading to future employment. It is our goal to impact life-long learners of all ages with inspiring technologies.