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    fischertechnik Education is dedicated to supporting STEM education. They offer hands-on solutions for learners of all ages, from kindergarten and elementary, through middle & high school, right on up to college & university, and even industry. Students are able to develop a deep understanding of how devices and mechanisms work.


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    Agile Production Simulation 24V

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    The fischertechnik Agile Production Simulation 24V with S7-1200 PLCs is designed as an ideal training model tailored for Higher Education and professional Industrial training applications.  Consists of individual modules such as incoming and outgoing goods, high-bay warehouse, milling station, drilling station, and quality assurance with AI. A driverless transport system flexibly transports workpieces between the individual stations and ensures a flexible production process that can be adapted to customer requirements.




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    Training Factory Industry 4.0 in 24v

    (In stock)

    The fischertechnik Training Factory Industry 4.0 – 24V is an extremely flexible, modular, reasonably priced, and highly robust training and simulation model for use with most popular industrial PLCs.

    Changes in industrial production driven by digitalization make stronger networking and more relevant information necessary on all production levels. With the fischertechnik Training Factory Industry 4.0, these digitalization activities can be simulated, learned, and applied on a small scale before they are implemented on a large scale.


    The fischertechnik Training Factory Industry 4.0 is a 24V simulation model that consists of factory modules including storage and retrieval stations, a Vacuum Gripper robot, High-Bay Warehouse, Multi-Processing Station with Oven, a Sorting Line with Color Detection, an environmental sensor, and a pivoting camera. It is especially designed for exploring and understanding industry 4.0 applications in vocational schools and training as well as for research, teaching and development at universities, in companies, and IT departments.


    3D-Robot 24v

    (In stock)

    3-axis robot with gripping forceps. Robot quickly and precisely positions workpieces in three -dimensional space. Fully assembled training model for use with PLC (Programable Logic Controllers) and PLC programming software.

    3D-Robot 9v

    (In stock)

    3-axis robot with gripping forceps. Robot quickly and precisely positions workpieces in three -dimensional space. Fully assembled training model, wired to one pre-programmed fischertechnik ROBOTICS TXT Controller.

    Accu Set 110V


    fischertechnik Accu Set provides fast, reliable charging of your rechargeable NiMH battery (included). This high-powered NiMH Accu Pack also features a microcontroller to protect from overcharging. With this short-circuit protection, the charger is able to recharge your battery in two hours - at the most (8.4V, 1500mAh)! Keep your fischertechnik designs moving with the fischertechnik Accu Set.

    Automated High Bay Warehouse 9v

    (In stock)

    Transfer station with conveyor belt, with shelf stacker for storing and retrieving special workpiece carriers, and 9 storage spots. Fully assembled training model, wired to pre-programmed fischertechnik ROBOTICS TXT Controller.

    Box 1000


    The ideal storage solution for all fischertechnik construction elements. Additionally contains eight sorting trays and 32 sorting spacers. A functional sorting plate 390x270 mm serves as a lid.

    CLASS SET Gears

    (In stock)

    How does a bevel gear, a belt gear or a rack and pinion gear work? What happens when the transmission ratio changes? Young students age 7 and up can investigate these and many other questions using 15 models and twelve experiments. The models can be set up quickly and easily in the classroom and can be used optimally with the help of the ready-made tasks and solutions.

    • Main topics simple gear types/ratios, directions of rotation, types of motion ofgears
    • Includes downloadable teachning and activity materal (freedownload)
    • Set includes gears, bevel gears, rack, belt, chain, axles, building blocks, base plate 120x60 mm.
    • Ideal complement: STEM Gear Tech

    Conveyor Belt 9v

    (In stock)

    Model consists of a transport belt with a length of 275 mm. used to transport workpieces with a diameter of up to 29mm. Multiple conveyors can easily be connected to increase the length of transport as desired. Fully assembled training model, wired to one pre-programmed fischertechnik ROBOTICS TXT Controller.

    Creative Box Basic


    The Creative Box Basic allows students to unleash their creativity.  Equipped with a large assortment of building blocks, angle brackets, building plates and various other static elements, this set is the perfect enhancement to your current fischertechnik parts collection. The Creative Box Basic is great for freestyle building, reconstructing an existing theme or model, or expanding upon any existing FT projects.

    Creative Box Mechanics


    The fischertechnik Creative Box Mechanics is the perfect addition to your favorite technically themed FT sets and projects. The collection of gear wheels, pinions, axles, and other components allow students to construct simple mechanical models such as a worm drive, a chain transmission, or a winch. The hands-on building of these models makes it easy for students to recognize and understand how they function, as well as promoting constructive thinking.


    (In stock)

    The E-Tronic set allows you to discover the world of electronics through play! Students can build simple circuits, series and parallel circuits, electronic switches with transistors, capacitors, resistors and LEDs.

    fischertechnik Designer Software


    NEW VERSION--The ideal software to plan, develop, and implement fischertechnik models. Easy to navigate, with a huge range of functions available. Perfect for schools, universities, training, or for anyone who needs to visualize technical processes using the fischertechnik system.

    Fuel Cell Kit

    (In stock)
    How does a fuel cell work and how does it generate hydrogen? Fischertechnik's Fuel Cell Kit brings this technology of the future directly into the student's classroom and provides answers to these and other questions! 

    H2 Fuel Cell Kit

    (In stock)

    How does a fuel cell work, and how can you use it to produce hydrogen? And how can hydrogen be used to drive a vehicle? The fischertechnik H2 Fuel Cell Car building set brings this future technology into your home...



    School and university students learn about hydraulic content with this realistic educational construction kit. This new set offers hands-on technology for learning about the transfer of force using liquids. Five different models illustrate how signals and forces can be transferred with liquid media. Students can build a simple functional demonstration model, an excavator, and three other models. Combined with the accompanying educational materials, the set helps to provide a solid overview on the topic of hydraulics.