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    fischertechnik Education is dedicated to supporting STEM education. They offer hands-on solutions for learners of all ages, from kindergarten and elementary, through middle & high school, right on up to college & university, and even industry. Students are able to develop a deep understanding of how devices and mechanisms work.


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    ROBOTICS Add On: Competition


    NOW IN STOCK--The Robotics ADD-ON Competition is designed for schools, universities and other educational institutions that want to develop or improve their models for robotics competitions for their students.

    • Main topics: Robot competitions, project work and workshops in robotics
    • Includes downloadable teachning and activity material (free download)
    • Components include a RGB guest sensor in 6 directions, color detection, ambient brightness, proximity detection up to 15cm, ultrasonic sensor, combi sensor (gyroscope, acceleration and compass), more powerful motors, snap-on trackpads
    • Required: Robotics TXT 4.0 Base Set

    TXT Controller 4.0


    NOW AVAILABLE--The control unit for fischertechnik robotic models. Special features of this compact and powerful controller include a color touch screen with swipe gesture recognition. voice recognition, Bluetooth and WiFi capability, a built-in speaker, SD card slot, USB Host, and much more.

    fischertechnik Raspberry PI-F5

    (In stock)

    The Pi-F5-HAT is a fischertechnik adapter for the Raspberry PI. The Pi-F5-HAT can be used to control DC and SERVO motors as well as digital and analogue sensors. With the programming language of your choice (Python, C, Scratch, ...), the Hat can be managed in such a way that no special libraries are required. It is possible to work simultaneously with 4 DC motors bidirectionally and 2 SERVO motors (microservo 4.8V / 6V). The number of motors that can work simultaneously depends on the power supply connected to the Pi-F5-HAT (e.g. fischertechnik power supply 9V / 2.5A). The Pi-F5-HAT and the Raspberry PI together can also be supplied with power by a 9V power supply unit or a fischertechnik battery (1800 mAh). The output voltage which supplies the DC motors corresponds approximately to the input supply voltage of the Pi-F5-HAT (9 V). the HAT also supports the operation of all fischertechnik DC motors (S motor, XS, XM, encoder motor).

    fischertechnik micro:bit F5 Adapter

    (In stock)

    Specially designed adapter to bridge the gap between the micro:bit controller and the versatile fischeretchnik modular system. The adapter board has 8 outputs and 6 inputs.