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    fischertechnik Education is dedicated to supporting STEM education. They offer hands-on solutions for learners of all ages, from kindergarten and elementary, through middle & high school, right on up to college & university, and even industry. Students are able to develop a deep understanding of how devices and mechanisms work.


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    Storage and Transport Case


    For safe storage and transport of fischertechnik Factory Simulation and Training Factory Industry 4.0 models


    • A practical custom case for safe storage and transport of fischertechnik factory models
    • Insert once - done! The lower part of the factory is fully functional, only the hood has to be moved.
    • Inside lined with soft foam padding
    • 3 inside zipper pockets for stowing accessories
    • 4 tiltable carrying handles



    CLASS SET Electrical Control

    (In stock)

    How does the light in the stairwell come on? Why does it go on at the bottom and off at the top? These and many other questions about electrical circuits are taught in an engaging and kid-friendly way using our Class Set Electrical Control with nine models and 25 experiments. The models can be easily built in class and directly integrated with the ready-made tasks and solutions.

    • Main topics Electrical circuits, series-parallel connection, motorcontrol
    • Includes downloadable teachning and activity material (free download)
    • Set includes. 2x mini pushbuttons, LED, motor, holder for 9V battery (battery notincluded)

    Class Set: Simple Machines


    An introduction to basic mechanical and technical principles for elementary students

    • Class set for primary level
    • One class set contains 16 single sets
    • One class set is suitable for, for example, 30 students and one teacher
    • Getting to know basic mechanical and technical principles
    • Info about the subject area and several experiments available online

    CLASS SET Solar Energy

    (In stock)

    Renewable energies are becoming increasingly important to our future.  The CLASS SET Solar Energy is the perfect method for introducing young students to this vitally important topic. With three quickly assembled models, the basics of solar energy can be taught in class using ten ready-made tasks, including solutions, with lots of fun and exciting insights.

    • Main topics energy generation from renewable solar energy, series-parallel connection
    • Includes downloadable teachning and activity material (free download)
    • Set includes 2 solar modules,  1V solar motor, mini push-button

    STEM Statics Advanced


    Statics for the secondary level

    • Exploring static principles
    • Discovering compressive and tensile forces as well as forces in equilibrium of stationary bodies.
    • Spring balance for force measurement included

    STEM Simple Machines Advanced


    Exploring and understanding physical laws at the secondary level

    • Getting to know basic mechanical and technical principles
    • Spring balance for force measurement included
    • Treatment of the topics rope and rod, lever, roller and inclined plane

    Quality Control w/AI - 9V version

    $2,089.95 $2,300.00

    Visualize AI models and make them easily comprehensible

    • Ideal training, simulation and demonstration model for education and research
    • Visualization of AI systems, machine learning and neural networks
    • Networking of theory and practice for a sustainable learning result
    • Already built, stable training model. Mounted on stable wooden plate, packaging of the model in stable cardboard box
    • IMPORTANT: For all operations, a power supply 9V/2,5A is required (sold separately)

    Artificial intelligence in research, education and industry

    The use of artificial intelligence in industry, education and research is becoming more and more important. The Quality Control with AI System model from fischertechnik is ideal for visualising this complex subject in a hands-on way since it creates a sustainable learning experience by linking theory and practice.

    STEM Electronics


    Explore the basic principles behind electronics.

    • Main topics Electrical circuits, resistors, measurement of current and voltage, principle of the electric motor, semiconductors, transistor circuits
    • Includes downloadable teaching and activity material (free download)
    • Components in this set include: XS motor, 2 push-button switches , 2 diodes, 2 transistors,  3 resistors, 2 capacitors, and a holder for 9V battery (battery not included).
    • Ideal accessories Accu Set, PowerSet

    ROBO Pro Software-School Site Lic.

    (In stock)

    Easy to use programming software. Even beginners can quickly begin programming through the use of simple flow charts consisting of various software building blocks. The exchange of information can be done through variables and graphical connections as well. This allows the program functions to be displayed in a clear and understandable manner.


    • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.


    Solar: Beginner

    (In stock)

    Learn and understand the principles of Solar Power with the fischertechnik Education Solar: Beginner kit. Renewable energy sources will play an increasingly significant role in future. A solar module generates electricity from the energy of the sun to move the solar boats and the solar car. Whether on water or land, the construction set is a learning-by-playing approach to solar power.

    Pneumatics: Beginner

    (In stock)

    fischertechnik Education Pneumatics: Beginner construction set takes a learning- by-playing approach to the principles of pneumatics, with realistic models to show how pneumatic valves and cylinders work. The air is pumped manually into an air chamber. Pressing the hand valves conveys the compressed air through the hoses into the pneumatic cylinder. An excavator and four other models can be constructed. The instructional activity information for students is available online at the fischertechnik eLearning portal.


    Plus Control Set


    New fischertechnik Bluetooth remote control for smartphone or tablet

    • High range up to 10 meters
    • Stepless steering angle and speed control
    • Use of multiple control sets possible without interference

    ROBOTICS First Coding


    Robotics and coding for kindergarten and elementary school. Designed especially for children age 5 and up, fischertechnik offers the perfect, entry-level pathway into the world of computer science and robotics. Engaging hands-on learning.

    • Includes downloadable teaching and activity material (free download)
    • Set includes the new FIRST CODING chassis consisting of 2 motors, 2 push-button switches, and an infrared sensor, course, and battery compartment for 3 AAA batteries (batteries not included)

    ROBOTICS Add On: Autonomous Driving


    NOW IN STOCK--The Robotics Add On: Autonomous Driving set combines with the Robotics Base Set to allow students to discover a variety of exciting technologies essential to our everyday lives. From the automatic light to a lane departure warning system, cruise control and an automatic parking feature – the model guarantees excitement in the classroom.

    • Main topics: autonomous driving, control technology, analog sensor technology, speed measurement, distance calculation, distance measurement
    • Includes downloadable teaching and actvity material (free download)
    • Components include chassis (differential, wheels), servo, LED, steering
    • Ideal complement: ADD ON Omniwheels, ADD ON Competition
    • Required: Robotics TXT 4.0 Base Set

    ROBOTICS Add On: IoT


    NOW IN STOCK--Professional entry into measured value acquisition with the Robotics ADD-ON IoT! Together with the Robotics TXT 4.0 Base Set, the sensor station enables the measurement of temperature, humidity, air pressure, air quality and brightness.

    • Main topics: Measurement acquisition and transmission, network connections, cloud computing, IoT
    • Includes downloadable teaching and activity material  (free download)
    • Components include environmental sensor, and brightness sensor
    • Ideal complement: Power Set
    • Required: Robotics TXT 4.0 Base Set

    ROBOTICS Add On: Omniwheels


    NOW IN STOCK--Build and program even more intriguing robots with the Robotics ADD-ON Omniwheels. Together with the Robotics TXT 4.0 Base Set, four exciting Omniwheels models can be constructed.

    • Main topics: Omniwheels vehicle control, object recognition, image processing, soccer robotics.
    • Includes downloadable teaching and activity material (free download)
    • Component include 4x Mecanum Omniwheels, servo, 2x gear motor.
    • Ideal complement: ADD ON Autonomous Driving
    • Required: Robotics TXT 4.0 Base Set